It’s no secret I love a DIY project. It’s been a little while since I’ve whipped out the paints, so I was super excited to get creative with some fabulous products. The Reject Shop set me a DIY challenge and I was thrilled to get my creative shoes dancing into store to select some products which I could transform with a little splash of paint.

I’m loving all of the delicious sorbet colours and metallics out at the moment so it was an obvious choice to fill my basket with these colours and head home to get my DIY on. I decided on a mix of triangle patterns and dip dye effects, but you could easily play around with a mix of different patterns to suit your own style.

TRS DIY project

The Supplies

All of my supplies are from The Reject Shop (except the bronze metallic paint which I picked up from a local art shop).

What you will need:

* Paint in a range of colours

* Scissors

* Masking tape

* Paint brushes in a range of sizes

Goodies to paint. I chose:

* A wooden stool

* Cactus pot plants

* Candle holders + candles

* Wooden kitchen utensils

TRS DIY project supplies

TRS DIY products

The Process

This is one simple little project you can launch into one weekend. Here’s the 2 step process:

(1) It’s as easy as taping up your products to create little areas to paint in, in a range of colours

(2) Then it’s time to have some fun with paint.

Super easy and definitely fool proof (I promise)!

TRS DIY taped kitchen utensils

TRS DIY taped pots

The End Results

I was thrilled with how these products turned out. It’s amazing how a little splash of paint can transform the look and feel of an item.

DIY Pink dipped stool $35

TRS DIY dipped stool

DIY metallic bronze cactus pots $12 each

TRS DIY metallic cactus pot

DIY Kitchen utensils $4

*Please note these are for creative use only

TRS DIY kitchen utensils

DIY Pink dipped candle holder $2.50

TRS DIY candle dippled pink

So what are you waiting for? Head into your nearest store and pick up your essentials to start your own little DIY project.

Styling & Photography by The Eye Spy Milk Bar

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  1. Gotta love the Reject Shop! The cactus pots turned out really well – I particularly like the little stool though

    1. The Eye Spy Milk Bar says: Reply

      They have some amazing goodies & they’re so cheap! The stool turned out well with a splash of paint x

  2. very cute! What a great way to up cycle every day items.

    1. The Eye Spy Milk Bar says: Reply

      Thank you Genevieve. It’s so easy too x

  3. Kate says: Reply

    i love the pot plants, super effective with the splashes of paint. Can’t wait to give these a go! P.s. Found you from SBB x

    1. The Eye Spy Milk Bar says: Reply

      Thank you Kate. Such an easy and fun DIY x

  4. yusra baig says: Reply

    Hi, can i ask where you got that mint colored metal basket from (on top of the chest of drawers)?

    1. The Eye Spy Milk Bar says: Reply

      It’s from Down to the woods. They have the cutest wire baskets x

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