I’ve received so much interest in our living room lately (thank you!) and it appears a lot of people are keen to find out about the little pieces that make up this space. So I thought I’d share the list of goodies with you all along with some tips and tricks which have helped to create this room.  I love working with a white base, then layering in colours through homewares and soft furnishings. You don’t have to spend a fortune when it comes to decorating. Hunt around for bargains, get your DIY dancing shoes on, invest in the right pieces and run with your own style. Whilst colour might not be everyone’s cup of decorating tea, our style is happy and vibrant and this is one space we love to be in.

Katy Thomas home


The cross artwork was something I quickly whipped up and I happened to have this old white photo frame which I’ve just turned on it’s side and used to frame my artwork. I wanted to create a piece that would work perfectly with the rest of the room and rather than hunt around for ages, I just decided to make it myself!

DIY Pot 

I picked this pot up from Bunnings for next to nothing and gave it a quick coat of paint, finished off with a cute plant and now it’s sitting pretty in our living room. If you need some DIY pot inspiration then head over HERE. Indoor plants are a great way to bring a touch of greenery inside and help create a calm space.

Framed Teatowels

My gorgeous friend gave me one of these budgie teatowels (from Everingham & Watson) as a gift and then I just had to have his mate so I could frame them both for our living room wall! This is such a fun way to create a piece of art for your home.

Keep your eyes peeled for fun and affordable cushions

I picked these cushions up from Home Republic on a sale and they work perfectly in our living room to complement the couch. I love layering a good mix of colours, sizes and patterns when it comes to cushions.

Stack magazines and books for a visual effect

My magazine collection defines 8 years of working in PR and I can’t bring myself to throw them out! I love stacking them up around the house and they also provide constant inspiration when I need it. Show off your pretty books in a similar manner.

Hunt around for bargain homewares

Kmart & Target have really lifted their game when it comes to cute little homewares and of course, they’re super affordable! I picked this ‘&’ sign up from Target for a few dollars! Mocka is another great place to look for well priced homewares and furniture. This white ‘Jimmy’ stand has been a winner in our living room to display all of our little goodies and it’s only $39!

Look around for a great rug

We found this super cute rug from Urban Outfitters and it’s a winner for this space! I’ve purchased a few rugs from here and they’ve all been great. They definitely tick the affordability box and come in a range of gorgeous colours and prints. This rug can even be thrown in the washing machine and comes out looking brand new! They have a huge range of rugs priced between $50-$100!

Invest in a good couch

A comfortable couch is a must so it pays to find a good one. Given we all spend a decent amount of time relaxing on the couch and it’s usually the main focus of any living room, investing in a good one will help to stand the test of time and ensure it’s comfort factor won’t fade. We did our research and fell in love with the Jardan couches but for the price, we simply couldn’t justify it (& with kids on the way this was not going to be an option)! So we found an almost identical couch at Sofa’s Direct in South Melbourne and it was about 1/4 of the price!

The Eye Spy Milk Bar home

I hope I’ve inspired you to create a happy space at your home. Our living room is proof that you don’t need to spend a fortune when it comes to styling your home.

Image source: The Eye Spy Milk Bar

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  1. Nicole says: Reply

    I love your lounge room! 🙂
    I’ve been looking at the rugs from Urban Outfitters but they don’t ship those items to Australia. How did you get your rug shipped to Australia?

    1. The Eye Spy Milk Bar says: Reply

      Big thank you! Yes it says they don’t ship to Australia but they do. Just follow the order through to payment and it will work x

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