I’m not sure about you, but I strongly dislike supermarket shopping when I have the kids with me. It’s like a race against the clock of how quickly you can do the weekly shop, grab everything and run before the kids (a) lose it,  (b) fill your trolley with a heap of unnecessary items or (c) both of the above! It’s probably the furthest thing from relaxing!

When I’m on my own, cruising around the aisles at a leisurely speed is almost as good as a holiday! A child free supermarket shop is the definition of parents heaven! So the other night I did just that. I took myself out for a child free supermarket shop and it was bliss. No deadline, no set shopping list, just me and the open aisles! It’s crazy to think, but I also discovered the supermarket stocks so many other things other than milk, baby wipes and nappies! So into the trolley went a few little treats for me (and they’re all under $10- bargain!) I’m already planning my next heavenly supermarket trip alone.

Happy shopping x




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