Today I’m excited to share a project that I’ve been working on with Adairs and their new collection. It’s a goodie and one that I walked away from wanting everything! That’s always a good sign.

I had the absolute pleasure of styling this new range and creating a beautiful bedroom space. Immersed in a sea of cushions, throws and bedlinen, Adairs invited me to create a look which represented my personal style. Of course I was beyond excited to jump in and get creative with the most divine mix of homewares. The latest collection is relaxed, defined by layered styling using a good mix of textures, soft muted tones and a splash of greenery. A winning combination when styling a bedroom.

When I first viewed the range, I fell in love with the Copenhagen chair. This was an absolute stand out piece and I knew this divine chair had to be a feature, so I worked the rest of the collection around it. I also wanted to show how a beautiful arm chair can work so well in a bedroom space (and not just in the living room). Investing in good furniture can then be moved throughout the house when the time comes.

 My colour palette of choice at the moment is definitely softer shades of grey, dusty pinks and white and I carried these tones through into my bedroom space for Adairs. The Vintage Wash White Check Linen doona cover took my eye and I knew it would be the perfect backdrop to then layer in a mix of textures on the bed through cushions and a throw.  A great throw can add texture and warmth to a space and whilst many might think throws are only suited to the Winter months, a throw can definitely work on the bed any time of the year. For Summer styling I might look to include a lighter throw (rather than a chunky knit for Winter) and it definitely helps to complete the overall look of the bed.

When it comes to cushions, you can never have too many! At home we have so many cushions on our bed and I spend so long taking them all off each night! The things you do! But I love a good mix of cushions in a range of textures and sizes. It’s a great way to add some personality to a space, without having to spend a fortune. I’ve kept it fairly simple in the bedroom I’ve created, using a mix of white, soft greys, navy and pinks. I’m also a huge fan of not having everything balanced and turning cushions on their side. European cushions don’t have to match (I’ve used a white and grey Euro cushion on the bed).

After viewing the collection, I decided that my bedroom space needed a cement looking wall and a soft natural timber floor to complement the tones from the latest collection. I knew they would be the perfect backdrop to then layer in a good mix of textures and colours through bedlinen, cushions and throws.

So here it is, my bedroom created for Adairs. I hope you like it x

Adairs_14 June_266

Adairs_14 June_272

Adairs_14 June_259


Adairs_14 June_207

Adairs_14 June_211

Adairs_14 June_221


Adairs moodboard

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Styled by The Eye Spy Milk Bar/ Photographed by Armelle Habib

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