Today I’m excited to share a handy little tool that is going to change your interior decorating life! So grab a coffee and let me introduce you to this amazing new concept transforming the interior moodboarding process.

Style Sourcebook is a new Australian product sourcing and styling destination that has been developed to help you renovate, decorate and create visual moodboards using one super easy functionality tool. Featuring more than 700 different brands and 30,000 products, the site allows you to search for finishes, fittings, furniture and homewares all in the one place and then digitally style them via a mood board tool. As you can imagine, for someone who loves moodboarding I instantly fell in love with this platform. With the ability to design your dream room in just a few clicks and then shop directly, Style Sourcebook is a one stop shop when it comes to interior design.

Bedroom update

Style Sourcebook also allows you to look for inspiration, enabling you to view product styling ideas and gain expert advice from interior designers. It’s definitely simplifying the process and making life so much easier when it comes to renovating and styling your home.

Grey days

I’ve long been a fan of moodboarding and find it’s the best place to start when renovating or styling your home. By gathering all of your ideas and plans into one place, it allows you to visualise how the space will come together. I use this same process when I’m working on a shoot, to make sure all of the elements complement one another to achieve the overall look.

Living room love

Style Sourcebook was founded by Lisa Cousens who, after renovating her Edwardian home spent hours searching separate websites and collecting samples and swatches from individual retailers. This sounds all too familiar! Lisa wanted to create an online destination that helped simplify this process to make it more time efficient and enjoyable. The objective is to bring all the products, tools and inspiration together across different retailers to help you create your perfect space. Having been through the renovation process not long ago and collecting ideas from so many different sources, this simple process would’ve made my life so much easier! I had bucket loads of inspiration saved online and a book overflowing with magazine clippings!

Monochrome style

One function I really love about Style Sourcebook is the ability to tag products with brand names and price. You can click directly through to the product and make a purchase which is super easy. So many times I’ve saved inspiration online and spent hours searching for the website to order it (does this sound familiar?). Style Sourcebook makes this process so effortless.

Neutral nursery

I’ve been busy using this new platform to create beautiful spaces for my clients and I’m loving how simple and efficient it is. It’s definitely worth a visit whether you’re planning a reno, wanting to redecorate or simply just want to be inspired.


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