This week I’ve really thrown myself head first into the land of motivation, planning and organisation! I’ve joined the Secret Bloggers Business challenge, signed up for the Mastermind E-course and decided whilst I’m at it, I should tackle the Creative Cleanse too! It’s like a superfood fruit smoothie for your business! I already feel motivated, inspired and super duper organised!

In blogging land, a lot of work goes into delivering a post each week. You wear so many different hats; planning, photography, designing, writing, editing then throw in a mix of promoting and social media activity and you’ve got yourself a full time workload! Being organised is definitely the key! For me, the blog is an online visual moodboard providing an outlet for my creativity, a destination for all of the lovely things in life and a place for people to feel inspired (I hope)!

I want to thank each of you for your support of The Eye Spy Milk Bar. Your kind words, comments and emails make sharing what I love even more worthwhile. I never thought I would have a blog (given my lack of tech-savvy brilliance, it wouldn’t seem like an obvious blend), however I love sharing this journey with you. I’ve been working on some fun and exciting projects and I can’t wait to share them with you all soon.

So in my enthusiastic approach to getting organised, I thought I would share a couple of tips with you. I’m definitely one for being super organised. I have this strange ability to always be early (to everything), I have a calendar mapped out in my head for the next 6 months of every social activity and I could tell you what’s on the menu at our house for the next week. It sounds crazy but it’s actually super easy and I find the key to getting everything done and having a good balance is organisation and planning.

So here are a few little tips to get you started~

  • The essential tool for getting organised is the trusty ‘To-do’ list- A must, a lifesaver and super easy to apply to both your work and home life! I always write out my ‘To do’ list at the end of the day for what I need to action the following day. Whilst this might seem like the worlds biggest drag at the end of the day, it will mean that tomorrow you will start off on the right foot and know exactly what you need to do. This seems like pure common sense to me!
  • Tick things off the ‘To do’ list. This is so rewarding and and encourages you to work your way through the list to complete tasks.
  • Baby brain has definitely snuck in at times so another must is to write everything down and save it for later. Store it in a place that you’ll find it again (a notebook, a pinboard or diary are the likely suspects here). From time to time I’ve lost that little piece of paper so it pays to put it in a safe place
  • Use a diary- An old fashioned diary or an Iphone calendar (whichever you prefer) are the perfect places to write down all of your important appointments, meetings and catch ups. Just make sure you always refer back to it and only use one of these options- that is the key!
  • Label everything! Unless you’re captain ‘remember everything’ I suggest you go label crazy! This will save you from a lot of painful hours later on!
  • Treat yourself to some super cute stationary- You instantly feel organised with a fresh notepad, pretty folders to make that dreaded job of filing more fun and surround yourself with inspiring moodboards/ pegboards.
  • Planning is the key ingredient to being organised. Plan ahead, write out your shopping list, book appointments in advance and get organised! No successful business decides to wake up in the morning and just wing it (although it would be nice).
  • De-clutter- Throw away anything and everything you no longer need, use or want. Don’t wait for that perfect magical day that you think you’ll possibly need it, because chances are you haven’t used it in the last 2 years and you’ve most likely forgotten about it anyway. These items are getting in the way, taking up space and making it hard to get organised.
  • Unsubscribe from emails that are clogging up your inbox. Simple but effective. Fill your inbox with inspiration and motivation.
  • Clean out your bag. This is therapeutic and cleansing in itself. A quick and easy way to get organised.
  • Give your computer desktop a makeover. This is simple practice but can slow your whole computer down. Put everything into a file (with a label) and give your desktop a good old fashioned tidy up. Whilst this might seem boring, it’s far more frustrating to sit and wait for your computer to load for hours on end when nothing is functioning properly!
  • Learn to love filing and file straight away. Otherwise face the mountain of boring paperwork to attend to! I know which one I would prefer!
  • Keep receipts- An essential item for anyone who loves shopping! Handy for exchanges and returns and guaranteed to be your best friend at tax time
  • Plan a menu for the week and do one big supermarket shop. For an extra ten minutes of planning at the beginning of the week, this little beauty saves you multiple trips to the supermarket each night (& that’s a win)! For an added bonus get it delivered and then you don’t even have to step foot in the supermarket! Heaven!
  • Time management- Map out your day, your week or your month and work out what needs to be done in specific time frames. Devote time to the tasks that need to be completed and make it happen. Without a plan here, those annoying and frustrating jobs will always be put off and in the end, never completed.
  • Create alerts and set reminders in your phone. This is a winning tool for anyone who seems to write things down on a list but needs a little push to actually get them done! We’re all super busy with a million and one things to do each day, so if you’re trying to remember everything in your head, I suggest you get to know this little alert/ reminder button in your phone!
  • Create a budget- No matter what amount of money you’re working with, creating a budget is an essential tool for managing your finances. At the end of the day, everyone would love to have more savings, so it pays to inject some love into your bank account
  • Print your photos and create albums. I’m all for bringing back the old fashioned album. Rather than have a zillion photos sitting on your computer doing absolutely nothing at all but taking up space, it’s time to get them printed. Online photobooks and new apps have made this theory even easier to get your pics printed.
  • Use post it notes- They’ve been around for ever and now come in pretty colours so you can’t miss them when they’re staring you smack bang in the face. Post it notes are great to jot down a quick reminder, add a note to your diary or mark a page in a book which you need to return to. I recently came across a business which uses a post it note calendar wall which is a simple but super fun way to get organised.
  • Highlighter heaven- It’s time to bring out the fluro highlighter and bring to life the key points, reminders or important information you need to remember. Simple but when you have pages of notes staring at you, this is a trusty tool and a principle which can be used in everyday life

Whilst I’m no whiz bang professional when it comes to organising, I do know that embracing an organised life and planning can provide huge benefits in the long run and it’s so ridiculously easy to apply in all areas of your life.

I’d love to hear thoughts and ideas on getting organised.

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Well now that you’re all organised it’s time to enjoy the weekend. Have a fabulous one! x

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