This week we kicked off our home renovations and of course, I welcomed them with open arms. It means we will have a more practical  living space, have a new kitchen and an updated bathroom and bucket loads of natural light. So you can imagine that my enthusiasm was at an all time high at the […]


Today I wanted to share some pillowcase inspiration to get  you excited about getting some shut eye. These delightful shades and pretty patterns are sure to send you off to the land of happy sleeping x SHOPPING LIST~ Collected carnival pillowcase $24 Collected ‘Dodgem multi’ pillowcase $24 Collected ‘Neon Heart’ pillowcase $35 Collected ‘Minty Fresh Hello’ […]


Today I wanted to share my love for the trusty teatowel. Although my love definitely doesn’t stem from drying dishes, but more towards turning these super cute items into colourful pieces of art for your walls. Teatowels have come a long way over the years and now we have some super cute and colourful patterns and […]

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I love a good scrapbook of inspiration. Whilst I’m a huge fan of the trusty old fashioned scrapbook with magazine cut outs and inspiring pics flooding the pages, I do also love the ease of online scrapbooking. Pinterest is one of my favourites – it’s a super easy and fun way to capture all of […]


This week I’ve really thrown myself head first into the land of motivation, planning and organisation! I’ve joined the Secret Bloggers Business challenge, signed up for the Mastermind E-course and decided whilst I’m at it, I should tackle the Creative Cleanse too! It’s like a superfood fruit smoothie for your business! I already feel motivated, […]

In some tech-savvy news, I’m excited to deliver a new address for The Eye Spy Milk Bar. This little delight can now be found at (Yes the ‘wordpress’ has been dropped/ditched/deleted from the address)! Whilst I’m on a roll with technology, I thought it was time for the blog to have a sweet little makeover. She’s […]


This weekend is the ultimate chocoholics heaven with an official excuse to enjoy bucket loads of chocolate! If you don’t eat chocolate, please feel free to send all your chocolate treats my way! Easter is bursting with chocolate eggs, hot cross buns and super cute bunnies. I’ve come across some really sweet little Easter goodies which I […]


It’s been a busy week! We welcomed a laundry reno, created cute new pendant lights for the kitchen, redecorated Cleo’s room along with redesigning our living room space! So today I’ve decided to share my week in pictures. It appears I’ve fallen in love with aqua! Have a lovely weekend x Image source: Katy Thomas